Aicka Movie Tomie (1999) HD [English subs] Japanese movie

Aicka Aicka Tomie is a Japanese psychological horror film, based on the popular manga by Junji Ito. This film version differs somewhat from the manga, focusing more on a psychological angle. The story in essence is a coming of age tale, centred around the transitional period of late youth into adulthood, a period beset by jealousies, insecurities and general anxieties. Subliminal visuals, symbolism and dialogue with double meaning are used discreetly throughout the film to reflect the underlying themes and reveal the true nature of events.

Film poster tagline: “Tomie will not die.”

Tomie (1999) (made in 1998)


Kanno Miho – Kawakami Tomie
Nakamura Mami – Izumisawa Tsukiko
Douguchi Yoriko – Dr. Hosono
Taguchi Tomorowo – Detective Harada Shouji
Kusano Kouta – Saiga Yuuichi
Mizuhashi Kenji – Yamamoto
Rumi – Kaori
Minami Kae
Suzuki Ikko

Production credits:

Writer: Junji Ito (manga), Oikawa Ataru (screenplay)
Producer: Higashi Yasuhiko (as Azuma Yasuhiko), Onishi Youichiro, Shimizu Shun
Director: Oikawa Ataru
Cinematography: Sakoh Akira, Suzuki Kazuhiro
Music: Futami Hiroshi, Kimura Toshihiro,
plus “Funhouse 2” by World Famous, “Raymond” by Yukari Fresh

Note: The police photographer @01:04:30 is played by Junji Ito, author of the original manga.

Making-of documentary “Tomie Multiplication”:

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